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Visit Östergötland

A warm welcome to Östergötland – a land of contrasts!

In south-east Sweden, less than 200 kilometres from Stockholm, a pleasant surprise awaits you – the beautiful countryside of Östergötland. Welcome to learn more about Östergötland’s activities, history, museums, events, shopping and lovely nature – all the year round!

From nuns to tigers

Our province is packed with opportunities for a wonderful and active holiday: stay in fantastic nature, enjoy the silence and collect unforgettable holiday memories to take home. Paddle a kayak in an unspoilt archipelago, hike along marked trails or cycle along winding roads with a map and picnic in the rucksack.


From Stone Age to high tech

Magical rune stone greetings from times gone by alternate with living industrialhistory and fascinating museums in Östergötland. Did you know that technology from Åtvidaberg was used to go into space? And if you plan to go into space on your next holiday, chances are that you will prepare for it in Linköping!


The towns of Vadstena and Söderköping were once important power centres in mediaeval Sweden. Envisage it as you stroll through the picturesque quartersand enjoy the small town idyll and charming shops. Linköping Cathedral, Another historic gem, is not just an impressive building but also contains exciting modern art guaranteed to raise your eyebrows.


At Östergötland Museum and its subsidiaries around the region, you will find even more information about Östergötland – what it was like yesterday, what it’s like today and how the region is being shaped for the future!


Big cities in a small format

If you’re looking for rich cultural life, lively nightclubs and exciting restaurants, Östergötland offers that times two! Norrköping and Linköping complement each other perfectly for visitors, and it is easy to go between the cities on the Östgötapendeln commuter train.


Östgötaleden Hiking Trail

If you want to experience all the nuances of Östergötland’s nature, then a hike along the beautiful Östgötaleden Hiking Trail is a good choice. The experience varies depending on which part of the majestic 1200 kilometres you choose. Why not hike along a part in Valdemarsvik for the archipelago, Ydre for the wilderness and Mjölby for the plains?

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Cycle for exercise and business in Östergötland

Sweden’sbiggest cycle festival, Vätternrundan, is arranged annually in Motala, Östergötland’s seaside town. If you are more interested in enjoying nature, asuggestion is to head east on your cycle along Göta Canal or along the winding forestroads in the south and north. If you have a mountain bike, there are fun andchallenging trails including on Mount Omberg and by Lake Sörsjön.

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Cyklar längs landsväg i Östergötland


In Östergötland, we are extra proud that it is so easy to find something to do. In fact, we are so proud that we have put together a complete concept of activities from the whole region. In the printed version of #Utflykta, you will find dates and prices of the activities as well as suggestions for activities every year, always something new and always in Östergötland. The best thing is that the activities are guaranteed if at least two of you book – no risk of a wasted journey! Share your experiences in Östergötland under the hashtag Utflykta.

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Östergötland brought together by the water

Östergötland is beautifully located between the clear water of Lake Vättern and the exciting Archipelago of Östergötland. The big bodies of water are connected by Motala Ström and, naturally, Sweden’s biggest structure Göta Canal. The water is present everywhere in the region: River Svartån flows from the highland in the southwest and the canoe-friendly River Lotorpsån from the north. There are thousands of lakes of varying sizes in Östergötland, and you are sure to find your own favourite! We can also suggest Kinda Canal, which will take you through the city centre of Linköping, via the oak landscape and pastures, through lakes and winding rivers to the beautiful Lake Åsunden. If you don’t have your own boat, there are passenger boats that offer trips along this lovely idyll – or as we say ‘Eighty kilometres of wonderful Swedish summer!







Östgötatrafiken is responsible for public transport in the region. On its homepage www.ostgotatrafiken.se, you’ll find updated timetables, stops and price information.

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Regional food culture

Potato pancakes with (or without) crispy fried bacon and uncooked lingonberryjam is considered Östergötland’s province dish. Around the region, you can look for the label ‘Regional Matkultur’ (regional food culture) or the logo for Östgöta food. Then you can be sure that you are eating carefully produced food from Östergötland!


Swedish Welcome

The members of Swedish Welcome offer guests safe choices. All the activities – in accommodation and experiences – have decided to put you first and are continuously working to live up to and even exceed your expectations. So when you see the Swedish Welcome certification somewhere in Östergötland, you can make a safe choice!


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